Saturday, September 17, 2016


It has taken me a year to write this blog post. When the news came out, I was so angry that I was an incoherent mass of rage.
I squirt during sex, OFTEN. Sometimes, there is pee and sometimes there is not, and I notice it based on smell, though also sometimes on color. As a person who sometimes pees while having an orgasm, I was not particularly offended by the pseudo-science (Sample size is 7, for fuck's sake)  article stating that squirting may actually be pee. I felt relieved. I am not alone.
However, I was incredibly offended by the response posted here
"Also, WHO FUCKING CARES what the chemical make-up of the ejaculate is?! Are we trying to “prove” it’s pee so we can keep shaming people for doing it?"
Well, it's obvious to me that YOU fucking care, Epiphora, because you started this whole fucking hashtag #NOTPEE.

I won't be silenced because you appear to think pee is gross. Regardless of the chemical make up of the squirting fluid, you still need mattress protectors, chux pads, or some other way to clean up. Regardless of the chemical make up, IT'S STILL A FUCKING AWESOME ORGASM.

So for all the folx out there who think they might pee when they squirt, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


  1. Yes, you squirt.. no, really, you gush. And I love it and I haven't given a single shit about the components of that gusher, that gorgeous geyser that signals your extreme pleasure. The only concern that your voluminous fluid response initiates is - Are we in a situation where we need to protect our surroundings from high fluid volume? If so, let's do that, and if not, let it flow, baby!

    You are not alone within my sexual experience. I've been with high volume squirters before and with those lovers I could also determine from smell and taste what the chemical components of their ejaculate was... and I did not care.

    I don't know why Epiphora or anyone is making a big deal about whether it's pee or something else or a combination... who the fuck cares? Great sex is awesome and sometimes that involves pee and shit and farting... I am certainly not prudish enough to shame anyone for enjoying sex so much that they temporarily lose control of their bodily functions... in fact, I see that as a high complement indicating that we achieved something amazing together.

    Honey, you rock and I wouldn't change a thing about you.

  2. Kyle, you are the reason I could find the courage to write this post. I love you.


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